Community Inculvisity Equity Council of York Region


The CIECYR planning table was formed in April 2010.  It has evolved into a body that explores, supports, and enhances organizational practices of diversity, equity and inclusion. Of equal importance, CIECYR is invested in forging new paths to promising practices.  Subsequently, group membership has changed from “a group of agencies who provide counselling and related services to families in York Region,” to a Council of grassroots and mainstream organizations who provide human services to individuals, families and/or communities of varying and diverse identities across York Region.





To support one another in enhancing the inclusiveness, quality, scope, relevance and accessibility of our services through such activities as:


  • coordinating and sharing information regarding outreach and present service delivery within our diverse organizations;

  • learning promising practices of diversity, equity and inclusion as they pertain to service delivery and community engagement, and applying what we learn;

  • creating and maintaining an inventory of existing services;

  • training and mentoring staff in their understanding, capacity, competence and ability to work within diverse communities; and

  • sharing information and resources for common training and education.





We recognize that York Region has a very diverse population and that is reflected in the service users and communities we are mandated to serve.


We recognize that, while barriers to service occur in many forms, there are specific barriers that result in inequities of access, as well as service gaps and inequitable service planning and funding.


We recognize inclusivity in this context as a set of actions, practices, attitudes and beliefs, on the part of service providers which seek to reduce these barriers and inequities so that residents of York Region may more easily engage with services that are appropriate to their needs and to which they are entitled.


We believe that inclusive practices are inherently respectful of all identities, and promote a sense of belonging, but more than that are a matter of social justice. Meeting these challenges is beyond the reach of any one agency working in isolation, but is possible with collaboration across sectors, mandates and efforts of engagement. Therefore, we come together as a committee to support one another's efforts in reaching out to diverse communities in order to deliver services that are equitable and inclusive. 


Council Members

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