Courageous Leadership Course Content

1. The Courageous Leadership Course provides a progressive approach to equity leadership

and a critical analysis of practices essential for change management within your organization. 


Equity leadership is a progressive and innovative skill-set required by social sector leaders in education, child welfare, mental health, immigration/settlement, violence against women among other sectors.  Within all social sectors, systemic inequities in community-based programs, services, organizational policies and employment continue to perpetuate systemic barriers for equity-seeking groups. 


As a leader, it is critical to equip yourself with the skills required to address individual and systemic inequities and to adequately respond to the needs of diverse communities.

2. The 3-day Courageous Leadership Course provides flexibility to your busy schedule and lives.

The course takes place over 3 days over a 3 week period (one day per week).  The course content offers an engaging and interactive learning experience.  Following the course, participants will have access to the course learning portal designed to improve their equity-leadership skills and create a community of equity-based leaders!


The course occurs throughout Ontario and led by expert leadership facilitators.

Course Instructors will take you on an experiential journey in equity leadership and provide you with tools and expertise to lead your organization towards enhanced equity and inclusion practices.


3. Key Course Features:

INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE: The course will provide an in-depth learning experience with an Indigenous Elder or Knowledge Keeper towards understanding Indigenous history, current challenges and your organization's responsibility to work towards the Truth and Reconciliation recommendations that are relevant to your sector.


POWER AND PRIVILEGE: The course examines the impact of power, privilege, social identities, heterosexism, Islamophobia, racism, and other forms of systemic marginalization and exclusion. It explores how equity-seeking groups have not been able to successfully break through institution barriers due to systemic structures that perpetuate ideas and beliefs about their capacity and ability.  It offers systemic strategies to effectively address these barriers in governance, strategic and operational plans.  

LEADERSHIP COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Upon completion of the 3-day leadership course, we provide access to our library of the latest resources regarding strategic change management and equitable leadership AND an online community blog to connect you with other like-minded leaders across the province.

  • Small Class Sizes up to 20 participants

  • Trained Course Instructors 

  • 3-Day Course over a 3 week period

  • Interactive Discussions

  • Experiential Learning

  • Assessment

  • Strategic Planning Tools

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