Courageous Leadership Course

Courageous Leadership Course

Why the need for Equity-based Leadership?

Why Inclusivity and Equity Initiatives?

  • Research demonstrates that senior leadership teams play a critical role in initiating and sustaining organizational change across their organizations  

  • Social Service organizations are encouraged to strive for equitable workplaces and programs that respond to the needs of the diverse communities and staff they serve 

  • Organizations need to develop an equity strategic plan to move them closer to achieving equitable outcomes

  • But how? The Courageous Leadership Learning Course will teach you the skills required.

Key features of equitable organizations include:

  • The ability to adapt as an organization to meet the needs of the community

  • The provision of safe and inclusive work culture for all staff members

  • Proven success in employment equity through diverse leadership teams and the promotion and retention of equity-seeking staff

  • Effective equity-driven policies and procedures

  • A commitment and support of an anti-oppressive and self-reflective professional practice.

Through the Courageous Leadership Course participants will learn to:

  • Develop common understandings of equity and anti-oppression

  • Explore the impact of social identities on leadership

  • Understand systemic barriers within organizations

  • Address Indigenous people’s distinct rights to employment, programs and services

  • Examine leadership roles in challenging “isms”

  • Develop skills to evaluate equity-based organizational learning and strategies.

Registering for the course:

  • Send an email to the Courageous Leadership Course Coordinator (  

  • In turn, you will receive an application via email to complete.

  • The application includes information about yourself, your organization and two assessment tools.

  • Complete the application form and accompanied assessment tools and submit them electronically via email.

  • Once approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and option to choose a learning course within your area/region.

  • The registration process is complete upon receipt of $995.00 plus HST and the on-line registration service charge via our on-line payment system (click on the registration button--below--to submit your payment)!

  • All payments are final!

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