Courageous Leadership Course

Courageous Leadership Course

As a leader in the social service sector, equity leadership is key to building your organization's ability to service Ontario's diverse population.  Leaders are required to understand how systemic barriers perpetuate oppression for individuals who access their services.  Furthermore, leaders are required to develop long-term strategic planning to address inequities.


The Courageous Leadership Course is designed particularly to equip senior leaders, executives and board members with the skills and tools required to develop expertise in equity-based leadership. 


The CIECYR professional development 3-day leadership course is designed to: 


  • Enhance individual equity-leadership skills and expertise

  • Develop equity-based change management skills/strategies

  • Develop equity-based initiatives to improve organizational culture, create spaces for equity-seeking groups and promote equitable practices 

  • Develop an employment equity strategic plan for their organization

  • Enhance your organizations ability to track, monitor, measure and evaluate its equity-based change management processes.


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